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Heritage administrative scrivener office

We perform an administrative procedure mainly in the field of three follows.

As well as the above,we accept the making of a family tree attracting attention by a present or the interior to your parents.

Because other procedures support, please let me know anytime you need help.

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Introduction of duties contents

Support of an inheritance procedure, the will preparation, civil affair trust

The meaning of the heritage is an inheritance.
We help you to be able to succeed the inheritance of all of you in history. Most people will do the inheritance procedure for the first time. As for the inheritance, a procedure is complicated, and many documents are necessary.
We cope with various inheritance procedures and will preparation, civil affair trust widely.

HP of the heritage inheritance will center is this.▸

Inheritance division conventional notes making

We investigate the information of property and the heir of the ancestor and perform document collection and make an heir-related figure.
We order family registers from the birth of the ancestor to the death and establish an heir.We make a plain inheritance-related illustration based on a family register.
After inherited property targeted for the inheritance being how much, or having checked it when we establish an heir, we have an heir do talks and make inheritance division conventional notes based on it. We help with the inheritance division discussion by a neutral viewpoint with equality to all heirs by all heirs giving a letter of proxy to me. After inheritance division discussion being established, and having made inheritance division conventional notes, we file for a bank procedure and real estate relations based on the conventional notes.

The detailed information of the inheritance division conventional notes making is this. ▸
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Inheritance division method

Flow of the inheritance division
  1. Preparations for inheritance division discussion
  2. I confirm the yes or no of the decision of the heir, confirmation for the legal inheritance, the decision of the inheritance, confirmation for the special receive benefits, contribution, the will.
    I prepare for the making of the list of property and the collection of copies of a person's family register, an entry certificate of the real estate.

  3. inheritance division discussion
  4. It is necessary to perform it with all the heirs, but can discuss it even if all the members do not gather.
    It is not necessary to divide it into a street for legal inheritance and can distribute it freely if all the members agree.

    When you cannot agree, it becomes the umpire in the family court, the mediation.
    You may begin to say to make inheritance division conventional notes from whom when.

  5. Making of inheritance division conventional notes
  6. There is not the making duty, but the inheritance including the inheritance registration becomes necessary in filing.
    Sealing and the seal certificate with the registered seal of all the heirs are necessary for inheritance division conventional notes. You can obtain the seal certificate at a government office doing seal registration.

  7. Transfer of inheritance to an heir
  8. We file for the cancellation of a contract and the name change of deposits and savings, the transfer of stocks, the proprietary rights registration of a transfer of the real estate.

The detailed information of the inheritance division method is this.▸
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About an heir

We establish an heir after having checked the family register of the ancestor.

An heir and the inheritance are changed when a different heir appears after the inheritance division.
Thus, we discuss it again, and the inheritance division is serious because it is necessary to pay the inheritance in money.

Because a procedure changes in cases living abroad when there is a missing person when there are a case and the adopted child that an heir is a fetus, it is necessary to push forward a procedure carefully.

The detailed information of the heir is this.▸
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Value, investigation into inherited property

Property to succeed to includes real estate and stocks, artworks and a curio, the life insurance.
As a result of not succeeding to all, and having succeeded to a case or the procedure of the tax to be in debt to, there is it when you adversely affect it.
It is necessary to push forward a procedure while talking about a thing not to succeed to that the life insurance or the retirement bonus succeed.

The detailed information of value, the investigation into inherited property is this.▸
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About a will

Procedures are different whether that the will is an attested document will is a chirograph will.
In addition, there are the case that an executor needs or the duty of the executor.
It may be the invalidity when you get a wrong how to write will.
We file after explanation about a help of the will preparation and the duty as the executor.

The detailed information about the will is this.▸
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Inheritance tax

There is basic deduction to the inheritance tax.
Basic deduction is 30 million yen + (number of people of the heir X 6 million yen ).
For example, it is 30 million yen + (three X 6 million yen) = 48 million yen when a spouse and two children are heirs.
It was 50 million yen + (number of people X 10 million yen of the heir), but was changed from 2015 before 2014.
When it becomes around ten in after 2015 that six people paid an inheritance tax in 100 deads, the taxable person of the inheritance tax of Osaka is expected.
In addition, other than basic deduction, we have the taxation in adjustment taxation and a calendar year at the inheritance, too.
When you should donate it a little too much, there is the calendar year taxation depending on inherited property.

The detailed information of the inheritance tax is this.▸
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The acquisition of Visa, update, procedure of a procedure, the mixed marriage of a change, the illegal stay

In the visa naturalization support center, we support a procedure of the naturalization application to acquire the application of the visa to stay in Japan and 日本語 nationality.

We ask about the present situation and hope and tell you first whether it applies to the acquisition of the visa and the condition that you can be naturalized in.
When it is the present situation, and the acquisition of the visa is difficult, we advise it how you can clear a condition if you do it.

HP of Visa, the naturalization support center is this.▸

Authorization of the residence status, change, update

After having explained the flow of documents and the procedure necessary for the authorization of the residence status, we push forward a procedure.

In addition, there is a time limit for a change and the update of the residence status in a timing.
Because you may not be in time before a time limit if you do not know the flow of the procedure, you must be careful.

Visa to work in Japan

There are many visas to work in Japan.
There are many a high employment visa, a management visa, a medical visa, a study visa, a skill training visa, news visas.
Because a required document varies according to each visa, you must be careful.

Visa to learn in Japan

There are a studying abroad visa, cultural activities visa, a training visa.
There is the visa which is necessary in society said to be life study.

Visa to live in Japan

There are visas for permanent resident visa, permanent resident visa, visas such as spouses, family stay visa, specific activity visa, well off.
It is a visa to live in Japan by a mixed marriage or work.

Visa to stay for a short term in Japan

There are short-stay visa, a medical stay visa, finding employment of the foreign student.
There is not only sightseeing and the trip but also the visa for the purpose of treatment and finding employment in Japan.

A case which you took overstay and a case which you wanted the 日本語 nationality

There are residence special permission application, provisional discharge permission application, the cancellation of the residence status, recognition of refugees.
We file with documents making of the one that became an overstay (illegal stay) out of necessity.

The detailed information of Visa, the naturalization support center is this.▸

Simple accommodations, inn, hotel, special ward days procedures

Vacation rental means that tourists pay the hotel charges, and they stay at an apartment or the single house.
As for the situation that the travelers from the foreign countries increase in Japan, and a hotel is insufficient whereabouts is used.
Most people exchange individuals with an individual on the Internet and borrow and loan a house and an apartment.
However, please be careful when you do not do a necessary procedure because you become illegal.

We help with the permission acquisition of rental vacation and simple accommodations.
You can leave the legal management that can feel relieved to win.

HP of Osaka rental vacation support center is this.▸

About rental vacation in special ward

By the increase in foreign tourist, the hotel occupancy rate of a hotel and the inn in Osaka-shi rises.
On the other hand, rental vacation of the impermissibility business increases.
Because there being profit than lease, there being requirements to acquire permission, a large amount of expense often hang,there are many people open without license.
In rental vacation in special ward, it correspond to requirements to establish in national strategy special ward level method enforcement order Article 12, and only the thing which Mayor Osaka authorized becomes the exception of the hotel business method.
Therefore you can usually do business only until 180 days a year, but there is no upper limit of the annual staying days of 180 days in the special ward.

About the simple accommodations

The simple accommodations are included in "simple accommodations business" in four kinds included in the hotel business.
A youth hostel or capsule hotel correspond to the simple accommodations business at the accommodations using a guest room in common in many several people. Because the simple accommodations often confirm beforehand, it is necessary to talk with a public health center and the fire department early.
For example:

  • Are there not a school, a nursery school, a park within neighborhood 110m of the site of facilities?
  • How much is the total of floor space of facilities?
  • Is there the certificate of inspection based on the Building Standard Act?
  • What is the purpose of use?
  • Where do you put the front desk?
  • How many is the number of number of restrooms, number of washing face?

It is necessary to do staying more than 3 days and 2 nights in rental vacation in Osaka-shi, but, in the simple accommodations, the procedure is great, but there is a merit that the use for 2 days and 1 night is enabled because there is not the regulation more than 3 days and 2 nights.

Matters that require attention when you open rental vacation in an apartment

The management agreement of the apartment management union does not usually have mentions about rental vacation.
Because value of the real estate falls when there is a room running rental vacation in a condominium, the people of the opposition increase, and the change of the agreement is difficult.
In addition, a meaning of the security fades in the locking automatically apartment because a strange foreigner goes in and out frequently one after another.
There is the case that a lot of illegal rental vacation which do not catch the permission get into trouble with other inhabitants for the badness of the noise and the garbage manner under the present conditions
For the person to room, it is the first problem not to understand what is done by a hotel guest.

There is the apartment prohibiting registration to Airbnb in a management agreement recently.
In addition, the reports from neighboring inhabitants to the government office increase, too, and the control becomes severe, too.

After having done situation confirmation, we push forward a procedure.
At first tell the situation over a telephone.

HP of Osaka rental vacation support center is this.▸

About us

Administrative scrivener


Norio Miyazaki

It was born in Hiroshima and is raised in Shimane, Nara. I played soccer for the school days. In Australia and the U.K. working holiday after having gone it to study language, did work of the business.
A hobby is to exercise and reading by the sports gym, bedrock bath, yoga, havin a delicious thing.
It is said that the problems of the inheritance increase from now on and really becomes the aging society. Because family relations may fail by a fight of the money, the inheritance, a will works for the purpose of preventing a fight by the prior measures such as wills beforehand.

In addition, there is the experience that stayed in Australia for three months,with a student visa with a working holiday visa in the U.K. for one year four months for one year,and in Thailand by tourist visa.
Therefore there is a part knowing a feeling of the foreigner who come to Japan from the foreign countries, and stays because it is me who know how a visa is important by life abroad. I help you so that a stay in Japan is realized.

In late years inquiries to be uneasy of the impermissibility business of rental vacation increases because the control becomes severe.
Do you check how much an expense costs and whether you get permission?
You can do business in peace by acquiring permission, and the visitor can stay in peace

An administrative scrivener is a lawyer preventing a fight.

Because the qualification of the financial planner lasts, we do the advice as the professional of the money.Please talk willingly.

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