Visa, the naturalization support center

HP of Visa, the naturalization support center is this.HP of Visa, the naturalization support center is this.▸

Visa and naturalization support

We perform an administrative procedure in the following field.

  • Authorization of the residence status, change, update
  • Authorization of the residence status, change, update
  • Visa to learn in Japan
  • Visa to live in Japan
  • Visa to stay for a short term in Japan.
  • When become the over stay (illegal stay)
  • When want to acquire nationality of Japan
  • When you want to call a parent together
  • When you want to adopt someone internationally

We act for a procedure of the necessary Visa acquisition to stay in Japan.
You can leave the procedure that technical knowledge including a person receiving medical care in Japan and the which want to acquire 日本語 nationality is necessary for.

In addition, we cope with various Visa procedures including the procedure of the adopted alien child marriage that wants to invite mixed marriage and your parents living abroad to Japan.

Because other procedures support, please talk once.

Time in: Weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00
The time when you can call from 9:00 to 21:00 on any day.

HP of Visa, the naturalization support center is this.▸

Please don’t hesitate to ask any question.

090-3676-8204 (Time in 9:00~21:00)
We accept it on any day.

An email or the inquiry to a cell-phone is Email form.

Introduction of duties contents

The acquisition of Visa, update, procedure of a procedure, the mixed marriage of a change, the illegal stay

In the visa naturalization support center, we support a procedure of the naturalization application to acquire the application of the visa to stay in Japan and japanese nationality.

We ask about the present situation and hope and tell you first whether it applies to the acquisition of the visa and the condition that you can be naturalized in.
When it is the present situation, and the acquisition of the visa is difficult, we advise it how you can clear a condition if you do it.

HP of Visa, the naturalization support center is this.▸

Authorization of the residence status, change, update

After having explained the flow of documents and the procedure necessary for the authorization of the residence status, we push forward a procedure.

In addition, there is a time limit for a change and the update of the residence status in a timing.
Because you may not be in time before a time limit if you do not know the flow of the procedure, you must be careful.

Visa to work in Japan

There are many visas to work in Japan.
There are many a high employment visa, a management visa, a medical visa, a study visa, a skill training visa, news visas.
Because a required document varies according to each visa, you must be careful.

Visa to learn in Japan

There are a studying abroad visa, cultural activities visa, a training visa.
There is the visa which is necessary in society said to be life study.

Visa to live in Japan

There are visas for permanent resident visa, permanent resident visa, visas such as spouses, family stay visa, specific activity visa, well off.
It is a visa to live in Japan by a mixed marriage or work.

Visa to stay for a short term in Japan

There are short-stay visa, a medical stay visa, finding employment of the foreign student.
There is not only sightseeing and the trip but also the visa for the purpose of treatment and finding employment in Japan.

A case which you took overstay and a case which you wanted the 日本語 nationality

There are residence special permission application, provisional discharge permission application, the cancellation of the residence status, recognition of refugees.
We file with documents making of the one that became an overstay (illegal stay) out of necessity.

The detailed information of Visa, the naturalization support center is this.▸

About us

Administrative scrivener


Norio Miyazaki

It was born in Hiroshima and is raised in Shimane, Nara. I played soccer for the school days. In Australia and the U.K. working holiday after having gone it to study language, did work of the business.
A hobby is to exercise and reading by the sports gym, bedrock bath, yoga, havin a delicious thing.
It is said that the problems of the inheritance increase from now on and really becomes the aging society. Because family relations may fail by a fight of the money, the inheritance, a will works for the purpose of preventing a fight by the prior measures such as wills beforehand.

In addition, there is the experience that stayed in Australia for three months,with a student visa with a working holiday visa in the U.K. for one year four months for one year,and in Thailand by tourist visa.
Therefore there is a part knowing a feeling of the foreigner who come to Japan from the foreign countries, and stays because it is me who know how a visa is important by life abroad. I help you so that a stay in Japan is realized.

In late years inquiries to be uneasy of the impermissibility business of rental vacation increases because the control becomes severe.
Do you check how much an expense costs and whether you get permission?
You can do business in peace by acquiring permission, and the visitor can stay in peace

An administrative scrivener is a lawyer preventing a fight.

Because the qualification of the financial planner lasts, we do the advice as the professional of the money.Please talk willingly.

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The office building appearance

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Administrative scrivener Norio Miyazaki
Qualification Administrative scrivener (Osaka administrative scrivener society position, a registration number: 15261345)
The financial planning certified technician second grade
Business contents Consultation about succession to property, will original bill making, the will execution procedure
Family tree making
Acquisition of Visa, update, procedure of a procedure, the mixed marriage of a change, the illegal stay
Simple accommodations, inn, hotel, rental vacation in special ward procedure
Consultation and procedure about the contents mentioned above

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